I'm a highly driven digital leader, passionate about delivering high quality digital solutions that grow organisations.

I currently lead the digital team at Pivotal Agency - based in Queensland, Australia.

UI Design | HTML | CSS | JS | PHP | MySQL | Wordpress


Where it began

From a young age I've been interested in technology. Cameras, voice recorders, DIY radio kits, TVs and our first computer - I remember exploring every function on each device.

Studying Computer Science at univerity helped me hone my interest from 'technology', into computer programming, specifically developing applications for the web. I love the availability and ease of access of the web platform, not only from the perspective of the consumer (all we need is a browser) but also from a web engineer's perspective.

I experienced the latter during highschool, as I started a freelance business designing and building websites for whoever would hire me. I had little skill and yet I was able to publish and iterate.


Upon graduating uni, I received the opportunity to work at one of the leading web development companies, to both design and build websites.

Over my 4-5 years at the agency, I've crafted my skills in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Project management
  • Front end development - HTML/CSS/JS
  • Back end development - PHP/MySQL/Node.JS
  • Mobile app development - React Native/Ionic
  • Corporate ID design
  • UI/UX design


I now lead the operations of the agency - which involves anything from staffing and scheduling to frameworks and tooling.

I've also had the privilege of working with some great people at respected companies. Here's a select few:

  • Griffith University
  • Barbeques Galore
  • Queensland Tafe
  • Super Amart
  • Peppermayo
  • Night Owl
  • Rugs a Million
  • Australian Institute of Fitness

A Day in the Life of...

6am Alarm goes off, I'm usually pretty quick out of bed (that's not to say I'm everyones best friend at this time of the morning!). My wife and I go for a walk on the beach to get inspired by nature and get oxygen in the brain for the day - we live in the best place on earth!

6.45am Breakfast with a hand-crafted, fruit and vege packed smoothy on our balcony bar. We discuss our day to come and I usually do a sneaky email check.

7.30am I shove my laptop, lunch, iPad and moleskin into my backpack and jump onto my motorbike to ride to the office.

8am The rest of the team usually get in around 9am; so arriving to an empty office gives me some quiet to prioritize my day and respond to emails.

10am Company ritual - no one drinks alone. We all head to the in-office cafe for a coffee and catch up. If we don't notice it's 10am - someone usually posts a caffeine related meme in the team chat.

10.20am Back and forwards between email and our our project management system. Emails from clients then documenting and scheduling the requests.

12pm Lunch time! We're all on chat trying to decide where to go for lunch. It's decided - Mexican.

1pm Back to work. To avoid the afternoon slump, the trick is to not over eat. I'm doing R&D on mobile apps at the moment, so building a pretty complex iOS app - nothing like jumping into the deep end!

3pm I've usually had several visits this afternoon from team members with different questions - now's probably a good time to get back into emails and ensure the team are all organised for next week - yep I'm a serial-planner.

4.30pm It's Friday, so afternoon beers and ping-pong. We're fortunate to have a great team who get along and enjoy each other's company!

5pm I bid fairwell and jump on my motorbike for a wind-down ride home.

6.30pm We're doing dinner with friends tonight. We love showing off the local Japanese bar which serves tapas and Japanese whisky - flippin' amazing!

11pm After a great night and massive week, I relax into bed, check what I missed on Twitter and Instagram and fall asleep.

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