Hello, I'm a creative who thinks in code|.

I'm Matt Mcnamee


I work at Pivotal Agency, responsible for the agency operating smoothly, for both our clients as well as our internal team. This involves everything from ensuring our clients are winning, to research & development for our technical team.

I work closely with our clients on our top tier projects, ensuring fluid product delivery. I also provide day-to-day supervision to our internal and overseas team made up of about 20 digital professionals.


Front end development - HTML / CSS / JS

Back end development - PHP / MySQL

Mobile app development - React Native


Project management

Design Direction

Product Design

A Day in the Life Of


Alarm goes off, I'm usually pretty quick out of bed (that's not to say I'm everyones best friend at this time of the morning!). Breakfast with a hand-crafted, fruit and vege packed smoothie. My wife and I discuss our day to come and I usually do a sneaky email check.


I shove my laptop, lunch, iPad and moleskin into my backpack and jump on my motorbike to ride to the office.


Company ritual - no one drinks alone. We all head to the in-office cafe for a coffee and catch up. If we don't notice it's 10am - someone usually posts a caffeine related meme in the team chat.


Lunch time! We're all on chat trying to decide where to go for lunch. It's decided - Mexican.


Back to work. To avoid the afternoon slump, the trick is to not over eat. I'm doing R&D on mobile apps at the moment, so building a pretty complex iOS app - nothing like jumping into the deep end!


It's Friday, so afternoon beers and ping-pong. We're fortunate to have a great team who get along and enjoy each other's company!


We're doing dinner with friends tonight. We love showing off the local Japanese bar which serves tapas and Japanese whisky - flippin' amazing!


After a great night and massive week, I relax into bed, check what I missed on Twitter and Instagram and fall asleep.

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